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Kyu players' Tournament and Teaching day 2015

The third London kyu players' teaching day and tournament was held on Saturday the 28th of November at the West London Go Club's excellent new venue at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club. The West London club also generously donated some of the prizes.

Sixteen students were taught by four teachers - Nick Krempel, Alex Rix, Tim Hunt, and Alison Bexfield - in the morning. In the afternoon there was a three round tournament, with a time limit of forty minutes per player. Nick couldn't stay for the tournament in the afternoon so the strongest student, Bruce Tinton, was declared to be an honorary teacher. In the teachers' tournament all played all, in a round-robin tournament with all games even. In the students' tournament all games were played with handicaps equal to grade difference where appropriate.

Alison Bexfield won the teachers' tournament.

In the student tournament, prizes of useful Go books went to Charlotte Bexfield (10k) and Paolo Capriotti (5k) for winning three games, and to David Siegwart, Ben Murphy, Francesco Chiarini, and Ryan Nguyen who were the weakest - and hence best performing for their grade - players on two wins.

Teachers' tournament results

1 Alison Bexfield 1d Letchworth     UK 4+/w0 3-/w0 2+/b0
2 Tim Hunt        2d Milton Keynes  UK 3+/b0 4+/b0 1-/w0
3 Alex Rix        3d Central London UK 2-/w0 1+/b0 4+/w0
4 Bruce Tinton    1k South London   UK 1-/b0 2-/w0 3-/b0

Students' tournament results

 1 Charlotte Bexfield   10k Letchworth     UK  9+w0  3+b0  4+b1
 2 Paolo Capriotti       5k Nottingham     IT 13+w0  8+b3  7+w1
 3 David Siegwart       10k Winchester     UK 14+w0  1-w0 10+b1
 4 Ben Murphy            9k Billericay     UK 15+b1  6+b2  1-w1
 5 Francesco Chiarini    7k Central London UK 12+w1  7-b1 11+b4
 6 Ryan Nguyen           7k No Club        UK 10+w2  4-w2  9+w3
 7 Malcolm Hagan         6k Arundel        UK 16+b1  5+w1  2-b1
 8 Kapriel Chiarini      2k Central London UK 11+w1  2-w3 16+w3
 9 Matthew Moore        10k West London    UK  1-b0 14+w0  6-b3
10 Minh Nguyen           9k No Club        UK  6-b2 15+b1  3-w1
11 Richard Wheeldon      3k South London   UK  8-b1 16+w2  5-w4
12 Ingrid Jendrzejewski  8k Cambridge      UK  5-b1 13-b3 14+w2
13 David Cantrell        5k West London    UK  2-b0 12+w3  ...
14 Paul Rodgers         10k West London    UK  3-b0  9-b0 12-b2
15 Julia Woewodskaya     8k Central London UK  4-w1 10-w1  ...
16 Patrick Batty         5k South London   UK  7-w1 11-b2  8-b3