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Kyu players' Tournament and Teaching day 2013

The first South London kyu players' teaching day and tournament was held on Saturday the 7th of December at the Croydon Quaker Meeting House. Twenty four students were taught by three teachers - Andrew Kay, Tim Hunt, and Francis Roads - in the morning. In the afternoon there was a three round tournament.

In the tournament the teachers all played each other, and another dan player who was present, in a round-robin tournament with all games even. Students were split into three groups, each of which played a Swiss tournament with handicap equal to grade difference.

Tim Hunt won the teachers' tournament with three wins.

In the student tournaments, Natasha Regan (1k), Peter Fisher (7k) and Gerry Gavigan (12k) won their groups also with three wins. Prizes - books instead of the usual chocolates and wine, because it's a teaching event - went to those three and to some on two wins. We also had two copies of the excellent SmartGo Kifu iPhone/iPad app to give away, kindly donated by its author.

See also Tony Collman's report on the day for the AGA's online journal.

Teachers' tournament results

1 Hunt Tim       2d UK MKes 4+/w0 2+/b0 3+/w0
2 Kay Andrew     4d UK Bmhm 3+/w0 1-/w0 4+/b0
3 Roads Francis  2d UK Wans 2-/b0 4+/w0 1-/b0
4 Smith Paul     1d UK Camb 1-/b0 3-/b0 2-/w0

Students' tournament results

We were especially pleased to see so many double-digit kyu players, four of whom were playing in their first tournament.
 1 Regan Natasha    1k  UK Epsm  2+/w1  5+/w2  3+/w3
 2 Volk Chris       2k  UK Read  1-/b1  8+/w2  5+/w1
 3 Paterson Sue     4k  UK Arun  8+/w0  4+/w1  1-/b3
 4 Green Jonathan   5k  UK NoCb  7+/b0  3-/b1  6+/b1
 5 Ellis Ben        3k  UK MKes  6+/w1  1-/b2  2-/b1
 6 Bailey Steve     4k  UK WSur  5-/b1  7+/w1  4-/w1
 7 Batty Patrick    5k  UK SLon  4-/w0  6-/b1  8+/b1
 8 Stevenson David  4k  UK NoCb  3-/b0  2-/b2  7-/w1

 9 Fisher Peter     7k  UK Leic 16+/w0 11+/b1 12+/w0 
10 Moore Francis    6k  UK SLon 11-/w0 13+/w1 15+/w4
11 Hagan Malcolm    6k  UK Winc 10+/b0  9-/w1 14+/w3
12 Selby Oscar      7k  UK Epsm 13+/b0 15+/w3  9-/b0
13 Atkins Nick      7k  UK SLon 12-/w0 10-/b1 16+/w0
14 Maclennan Colin  9k  UK Twik 15-/w1 16+/b2 11-/b3
15 Rodgers Paul     10k UK SLon 14+/b1 12-/b3 10-/b4
16 Segerman Jil     7k  UK Brtn  9-/b0 14-/w2 13-/b0

17 Gavigan Gerry    12k UK SLon 19+/w1 21+/b2 18+/w1
18 Field Adam       13k UK Winc 20+/w0 23+/w2 17-/b1
19 Smith Edmund     13k UK MilS 17-/b1 24+/w5 23+/w2
20 Siegwart David   13k UK Winc 18-/b0 22+/b2 21+/b3
21 Murphy Ben       10k UK Bily 22+/w1 17-/w2 20-/w3
22 Lyster Tom       11k UK Twik 21-/b1 20-/w2 24+/w7
23 Bailey Pauline   15k UK WSur 24+/w3 18-/b2 19-/b2
24 Kaminska Paula   18k UK CLon 23-/b3 19-/b5 22-/b7

Photo gallery

Teaching ...

Andrew Kay teaching about probes Tim Hunt taking students through a
professional game
Francis Roads reviewing a student's game

... and tournament

Sue Paterson vs Natasha Regan Gerry Gavigan Oscar Selby vs Peter Fisher